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The super moon will have a "date" with Saturn tomorrow morning

According to 23 news Planetarium, the full moon on August 31 is the biggest supermoon this year. At 2 o'clock in the morning that day, Saturn, the most beautiful and charming planet in the solar system, will "gather" with the super moon. The two are very close and can be seen from all over the country. The best viewing and shooting time for this super moon in various parts of my country is from 0:00 am on August 31 to before dawn.

What is a "super moon"? A supermoon is a full moon at perigee. For this super moon, the perigee of the moon occurred at 23:54 on August 30, and the distance between the earth and the moon was only 357,181 kilometers; the roundest moon appeared at 9:36 on August 31, and the sun, the earth and the moon lined up approximately straight line. This super moon, the time difference between the anomalous moon and the full moon is only more than 9 hours, making it the largest full moon of the year.

In the west, if there are two full moons in a month, the second full moon is called a "blue moon". In fact, the "blue moon" has nothing to do with the color of the real moon. Therefore, this full moon is also known as the "Super Blue Moon".

Observations show that, for the same full moon, its apparent diameter is 14% larger and its apparent area is 30% larger at the "perigee" than at the "apogee".

Youtube When is the best time to observe? In Shenzhen, at 18:25 on August 30, the moon is rising from the southeast; at 23:54, the moon is the closest to the earth and has the largest apparent diameter, reaching 33.4 arc minutes; , located in the south direction, and the horizon height is 52 degrees. At this moment, the full moon becomes a veritable "compass"; at 2:08, Saturn and the moon are located on the same right ascension line. 2.49 degrees; around 3 o'clock, the moon and Saturn are the closest in apparent distance, and the public can use cameras or mobile phones to take pictures of the moon and Saturn in the same frame; at 5:59, the full moon slowly falls in the southwest.

The super moon appears periodically, the last time it occurred on July 14, 2022, and the next one will appear on September 18, 2024 (the sixteenth day of the eighth lunar month).

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